Canadian funnyman Tom Green has leaped to the defence of shamed comedian Michael Richards, insisting people should leave the former Seinfeld star in peace following his racist rant. Richards lost his cool during a stand-up routine at Los Angeles comedy club the Laugh Factory last Friday (17NOV06) when two black audience members challenged him. He screamed at one of the men, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f**king fork up your ass." Although Green doesn't condone Richards' behaviour, he's convinced the tirade doesn't make him a racist. The Freddy Got Fingered star writes on his blog, "Unlike Mel Gibson, who probably does hold racist attitudes, I don't think Michael Richards doesn't like black people. I think he was just trying to say the craziest and most vile thing in that room he could possibly muster. And I think he dug deep, into the darkest corners of his mind, to say those evil things to those men. "But he did it in a small room, in an exchange, during a performance, and it wasn't meant for us. It was just meant for that room. So why don't we just let them settle it? Let's leave Michael Richards alone."