Tom Ford loves the "speed" of fashion.

The Fashion designer has recently gone into the world of movie making with 'A Single Man' starring Colin Firth, but could not stay in film permanently as he prefers the design industry and its pace.

He said: "I would lose my mind if I just did films and my next film is ready to go. But even if I cast it now, it would be another 18 months before we were on set. I enjoy the speed of fashion. I love doing different things and I think I still have something valid to say in fashion."

The 51-year-old sartorialist - who has previously been the creative director of both Gucci and YVES SAINT LAURENT - also believes many women are now wearing make-up instead of buying new clothes because it is cheaper to do so.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Have you noticed how much make-up girls are wearing these days? It's because it's cheaper than buying clothes. I love beauty products. At Gucci I'd spend days working with a make-up artist getting the show to look right.

"I was never drawn to walking in women's shoes that's maybe why some of them hurt. I never had a desire to wear the clothes. I'm probably the only man in England who doesn't want to dress in drag. But make-up? That I'm serious about."