Tom Ford says fashion isn't about comfort.

The 52-year-old designer thinks comfort is the price to pay for looking good and is willing to suffer for the sake of vanity.

He told Style magazine: ''I recently made a gown for a friend to wear at an awards ceremony. She e-mailed me to say she loved it because it was so comfortable, and I thought 'Who cares if it was comfortable?'

''Comfort for me is knowing I look great, and if I have to suffer in a corset for four hours to look amazing, than that's comfort.''

Tom - who is launching his own skincare range in October - wears make-up to perfect his skin and insists the majority of men like to keep an eye on their appearance.

He explained: ''I am trying to look like I have good skin as a man. I'm sure this will come off as egotistical, but I think most men can relate to my looks, whether you're gay or whether you're straight.

''You can say 'Hey he looks good for his age. He looks like he takes care of himself. He has good skin. I understand him telling me that this is what I should do.''