Tom Ford debuted his ''chastity and perversity'' collection at London Fashion Week yesterday (16.09.12).

The designer's Spring/Summer 2013 collection was previewed to a select few and showcased designs which attempted to strike the perfect balance between conservatism and sexiness.

He told ''If you look too chaste, too buttoned up, you will always look a little dull, but if you go all-out sexy it can look perverse. This collection is about finding the balance.''

Controlling the music and cuing the models from his iPad, the designer introduced his work, starting with pieces in nude colour, all body-contouring, bondage-strapped and with a sporty edge. These included shin-guarded bondage boots, and leather jackets with strapped sleeves. There were also PVC pencil skirts and elastic harnesses on chiffon dresses.

On the more chaste side of the collection were gossamer light silk dresses and blouses which had interestingly placed slits down the sleeves, the décolletage and at the back of skirt hems, which managed to be both concealing and revealing at the same time.

Sport featured in the collection, with tracksuit tops and pencil skirts in stretch mesh, although he reportedly told one editor afterward, ''I wasn't thinking Olympic sport,'' adding he had ''another sport in mind''.

The preview finished with the gowns, which included a black paper taffeta dress which ballooned at the back, a backless crepe de chine dress and long crystal skirts, slashed down the legs and coupled with hoodies, before the collection concluded with two elegant chainmail dresses.