Gay fashion designer Tom Ford has expressed his desire to have children - but is looking for a willing woman to carry his baby. The fashionista, 46, and long-term partner Richard Buckley, 59, are hoping to start a family later this year and the couple is looking for a suitable woman to carry the foetus. He says, "I'm going to have a kid in 2008. Richard knows I've wanted this for a long time. He's just resisted it. He would be a spectacular father. "It's going to give his life new meaning. It will be biologically mine. I mean, I'm a lot younger. If things follow their natural order, (Richard will) probably leave the planet ahead of me, and I can't not have had something I've wanted forever. "I've always wanted kids. I don't want to get to be 75-years-old and just have made a lot of dresses, done some houses."