McFly star Tom Fletcher was left shaken in Japan after a strong earthquake hit the eastern coast of the country on Sunday (24Jul11).
The pop star, who is currently touring Japan with his bandmates, was terrified after he was awoken by the quake, which struck 175 miles (282 kilometres) northeast of Tokyo.
But after taking to to tell fans about his fear, Fletcher soon realised that locals didn't consider the tremor a serious threat.
He tweets, "S**iiit!!!!!! just got woken up by bloody earthquake. That could be small if you're used to it but it was bloody scary for us Brits!
"I'm guessing that was kind of a nonevent for everyone else. I was straight out of bed standing naked... under the doorframe. That's what they do in the movies right? Not naked of course."
No damage or injuries have been reported after the earthquake, which hit the same region devastated by March's (11) massive quake and tsunami.