Tom Fletcher has lost his wedding ring.

The McFly singer has ''never'' removed the jewellery since tying the knot with Giovanna Falcone in May 2012, so was shocked to find it missing, but is still confident it hasn't gone for good.

Speaking to Absolute Radio at last night's (23.01.13) National Television Awards (NTAs), he said: ''I got here, and realised it wasn't on my finger; I never take it off. I don't know, I think it's still at home.

''I think I was playing with it this morning when I was making a sandwich. But I never take it off, and I got here today and... I feel a bit naked without it.''

Earlier this month, Tom, 27, posted footage online of his unique wedding speech - which featured a medley of McFly songs with lyrics changed to fit the occasion - and he is stunned with the fact it has become a worldwide sensation with over 8 million hits on YouTube.

He said: ''I generally didn't put it up to try and get a response like that; I put it up because it was just easier to share it with my family who live in America and around the world, and stuff.

''So yeah, it was quite a surprise when eight and a half million people have viewed it, it's crazy ... It's quite scary. Because a lot of people now don't know me for McFly, they know me for my YouTube video.''

And Tom even hoped the emotional video would stop him getting in any trouble for losing his ring, although his wife obviously wasn't happy.

He joked: ''I pre-warned my wife, so she knows it's missing and to look out for it. Yeah, she wasn't pleased ... But I said 'Just watch my wedding speech again' and she will forgive me.''