Tom Fletcher is studying videos of how to change nappies.

The McFly singer is determined to be a hands-on dad when wife Giovanna gives birth next year, but after admitting he has no experience around children, he is doing as much research as possible.

He told OK! magazine: ''I've got friends who have kids but I've never changed a nappy. I'm hearing so many horror stories and I don't have a clue, I seriously need to read some books. But I can't wait, I'm so excited.

''I'll be a hundred per cent hands on. My wife sent me a YouTube video of how to change a nappy and it genuinely made me excited, I'm looking forward to doing it.''

Though Tom admits expecting a baby is easier for him than his wife because he has no physical changes to deal with, he confessed to wishing he could be the one carrying the child.

He said: ''It is easier - I don't have a bump or have to breastfeed, which is a massive plus, Although I would love to feel what it's like having a baby inside me.''