Tom Felton insists acting talent had very little to do with his casting as Harry Potter villain Draco Malfoy - he just looked the part.
The Brit has spent 10 years in the wizard films, but he believes he was only chosen because he's the spitting image of the Hogwarts bad boy, as described in writer J.K. Rowling's books.
And he's adamant his Harry Potter co-stars - including Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson - were also hired for their resemblance to Rowling's characters rather than their onscreen charisma.
Felton tells Britain's Live magazine, "Let's be honest: we weren't picked for Harry Potter for our acting ability - it was because we looked like the characters as they'd been written. We started out as rank amateurs, and we'll be lucky if we've learned something over the past 10 years.
"It's a question of what we do with that now? Where we go from here?"
And the young star tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "The very first audition, they just lined us all up and we asked which bits of the book we were looking forward to the the film.
"I hadn't read the book, so I said the same thing as the guy next to me, which (director) Chris Columbus saw through in a heartbeat. I think my ability to lie was half the reason I was offered Draco."