Tom Daley wants a big family.

The 24-year-old British diver and his husband, Dustin Lance Black, welcomed their first son Robert into the world via a surrogate in June, and now Tom has revealed the pair would like to expand their brood at some point in the future.

Speaking during his cooking segment of 'This Morning', Tom said: ''We've always said that we've wanted a big family so you know eventually I think - who knows.''

Though his little boy is only a few months old, the Olympian admitted the ''angelic'' tot is already very ''well behaved''.

He added: ''The baby is ten weeks old...but he's the most amazing little angelic thing and we feel very lucky to have him be as well behaved as he is.

''Little Robbie Ray, he's sleeping well at the moment anyway, he's doing really well he's giving us like seven hours sleep which most parents like hate me saying.''

Tom has previously spoken about how becoming a father changed his life, and he admits he felt a wave of love like he never experienced before when the tot arrived.

He said: ''I know everybody says, like, having a kid is their greatest achievement and I don't think anyone can understand what it feels like to hold your child for the very first time until you actually do it and it was amazing. Your perspective changes massively.''

Talking about why he and Dustin found a surrogate in the screenwriter's home country, he added: ''The process [of surrogacy] works.

''We were out in the States, and we were actually doing a documentary about the process of surrogacy because here in the UK, the surrogacy laws aren't quite up-to-date and in turn - it doesn't really protect the surrogate or the intended parents so we actually did it over in the States. ''