Tom Daley insists he is a ''gay man now''.

The Olympic diver - who is dating screenwriter Dustin Lance Black - revealed in December that he was bisexual, adding ''of course I still fancy girls'', but has now said he is no longer sexually attracted to women.

The 19-year-old star also explained why he chose to come out in a video posted on YouTube and admitted he was ''terrified'' of the reaction.

Speaking on 'Celebrity Juice', he said: ''I came out on YouTube as I wanted to say what I wanted to say without anyone twisting it. I told my family before I told the world. I was terrified. I did not know what the reaction was going to be. ''I did it on YouTube because people were constantly digging and asking questions.''

And Tom - who said his relationship with Dustin is ''all good'' - also recalled an encounter with a woman who revealed he had given her son the confidence to tell her he is gay.

He said: ''Two days later after I posted the video I was on my way to Houston to a training camp and this old lady comes up to me in a wheelchair, and wheels over and says, 'I would like to say thank you'.

'''You inspired my son to be able to tell me he was gay.' I was like, 'Oh wow' and then she goes, 'But he is married with three kids!' I was like, 'Have a nice flight... '''