Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black celebrated their baby's impending arrival with a surprise baby shower.

The couple - who are expecting a baby boy via a surrogate - marked the occasion with an impromptu party on Saturday (21.04.18) where the adorned gold glasses, which had the words 'Oh baby' written on them.

The cocktails were served in baby bottles and they celebrated with friends whilst wearing 'Daddy to be' sashes.

Dustin captioned a picture of the pair: ''DADS to be. #BabyShower! (sic)''

Meanwhile, Dustin was forced to hit back after he was told ''two blokes can't bring a baby up'', insisting there are ''different kinds of families out there in the world'' and praised his ''strong mother'' for raising him single handedly.

When one listener told him, ''I don't think two blokes can bring a baby up, you need the mother there'', he responded: ''There's all different kinds of families out there in the world and for many many different reasons, some more tragic than others. Children are raised by single parents all the time, and those children, I'd like to claim myself as one who was raised by a single mother for some difficult reasons. I think I had a very strong mother who raised me incredibly well and I think, you know. Will it be important that our son meet women in his life? Absolutely, absolutely and that will be there, it would be wrong to deprive a child of that and frankly bizarre and probably impossible.''