A friend of celebrity power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has said that the two actors are very indulgent when it came to the wishes of their child Suri.

US magazine reports a source close to the couple describing how the one-year-old, who already has a cover shoot in Vanity Fair to her name, is being raised in a strict Scientological environment.

Both actors are committed followers of the religion and the insider says the baby is surrounded by fellow believers throughout the day, as she is too young to be enrolled in classes at the Scientology centre.

The friend of the couple told the celebrity magazine that Top Gun star Cruise prefers the company of his fellow Scientologists and that he and his wife are keen on raising their child to treat them as friends, apparently in line with their religious teachings.

He told the magazine: "Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

"If she fusses before bed, they let her stay up later. If they want her to go swimming and she cries, they'll take her out. If she whines about food, they'll ask her what else she wants to eat. They always want to please her."

Cruise and Holmes, who are pals with the Beckhams, are devoted to their faith and have frequently been under the spotlight for being members of the secretive Scientology association.

In the past, the couple faced questions in the last stages of Holmes' pregnancy over the religion's concept of 'silent birth', which they said was misunderstood.

18/10/2007 07:38:42