Tom Cruise may appear in a 'Top Gun' sequel.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer - who worked on the original 1986 movie - admitted he has been approached to revisit the aviation adventure and is working out how to get the 'Valkyrie' actor's character Maverick involved in the story.

He said: "We were recently approached again to start talking about it but, you know, nothing yet.

"We kicked around some ideas because the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago. So we have to find a way in and how to incorporate the Maverick character into it."

Jerry also admitted this is not the first time the possibility of a sequel to the film - which followed a group of fighter pilots - has been discussed.

He added to MTV News: "We tried to develop a sequel and we couldn't do it - I was with my partner Don Simpson.

"And then Tom took it over and he tried to develop something and it never quite happened."