We don't think this is a Scientology thing; nevertheless it's been a surprise to see one of Tom Cruise's kids photographed with a freshly-shaven haircut, with the 50 year-old actor's middle child CONOR CRUISE - whom the star adopted with his then-wife Nicole Kidman in 1995 - pictured with 60% of his thick brown locks missing. He's not the only child of Cruise's to have sported a wacky hair style according to the Daily Mirror, with his eldest daughter Isabella - also adopted - having sported a wide range of different dos in her time in the public eye.

We wonder if six year-old Suri will follow suit, although the youngest barely needs any more attention at the moment given that she's the main reason behind Cruise and Katie Holmes' recent split. In fact, maybe this is Conor's sweet hearted attempt to deflect some of the attention away from his little step-sister, or perhaps it's just his own teenage way of dealing with the fallout from the divorce between Cruise and his step-mother.

Despite the furore, disruption to his kids' life is the last thing Cruise wants - particularly Suri's. People reported that the actor is doing his best to adjust to the divorce ruling that only gives him generous visitation rights to his youngest - she'll live predominantly with Holmes. It's going to be challenging" a source told the publication, "but he's going to have a meaningful relationship with her, as he always has. [Suri will] visit him on movie sets when she's not in school. He'll call her all the time."