Tom Cruise was the star attraction in London's Leicester Square last night for the world premiere of his film Lions for Lambs.

The likely Oscar contender details the war on terror in Afghanistan, with Cruise starring alongside Meryl Streep and director Robert Redford.

Cruise spent more than two hours greeting fans on his traditional walkabout at the West End opening last night, though fans' bags were searched prior to his arrival, after an incident for Channel 4 comedy show Balls of Steel in which the Mission: Impossible star was squirted with a water pistol.

The actor - who plays a US senator in Redford's controversial film - told BBC News 24 he enjoys meeting his British fans.

"They love movies, and it's just an experience that I look forward to when I come here," he said.

"It's really nice. I actually was surprised that there were this many people here. I thought it's raining, it's cold."

Streep stars as a television journalist who receives explosive information linked with the fate of two young soldiers in Afghanistan, former students of Redford's idealistic college professor.

Redford's movie - released her on November 9th - has been labelled anti-war propaganda between the US conservative right.

23/10/2007 07:54:59