Tom Cruise's daughter Suri had her own bakery on the set of 'Knight and Day'.

The actor had his daughter and wife Katie Holmes on set most days while shooting the comedy action movie and his co-star Cameron Diaz was very impressed by four-year-old Suri's imaginary shop.

Cameron said: "She had her own little bakery and she would tell you what's going on today. It was like, 'These are what muffins we have today,' and she played out all these scenes, it was so fun... Suri was going around serving all of us."

Tom added: "It was great because my family was on set every day and Cameron's family were on set and it was like we were in this imaginary bakery and Katie was stood there ordering in between takes."

The 48-year-old Hollywood star admits he is incredibly proud of his daughter and thinks she has an incredible imagination.

Speaking about shooting 'Knight and Day', he said in an interview with UK television show 'GMTV': "Suri is very special. She is incredibly loving and she is very creative, she draws, she acts, she writes. In between takes she would have her own little scenes going on."