Tom Cruise has always done a pretty good job of letting his acting career dominate any doubts that the public may have with regards to his involvement with the Church of Scientology. However, with the news of his hurried divorce from Katie Holmes (presumed to have been sealed with haste so as not to drag the details of the religious organisation through the courts), it's likely that the weight of public sympathy will sway in Katie's favor.

Articles describing how Katie has "escaped" Tom Cruise and the clutches of the Church of Scientology are already emerging. Cruise, meanwhile is in danger of losing his position as one of Hollywood's front-runners. He has a number of films in the pipeline, but which of them are likely to save his endangered career?

1. Jack Reacher (released 2012)
The makers of this novel adaptation (from the books of author Lee Child) were keen to hop on the back of Cruise's recent personal dramas and released the trailer for Jack Reacher right in the middle of Cruise and Holmes' divorce news. The intention seems to be that Tom Cruise is going to somehow snatch Ryan Gosling's 'Being Ryan Gosling' mantle from his clutches with this movie. It's more likely, however, that he's just going to come across a bit more smug than usual.
Chances of saving his career? 6/10

2. Oblivion (released 2013)
This is the movie that Tom Cruise is in the middle of filming right now. Just as his wife of five years 'blindsided' him and divorced him. Just before his 50th birthday. And the world's media is on his back. And he's got The Church of Scientology breathing down his neck. And it's a movie about a veteran soldier sent to destroy an alien race, on a distant planet. It's not looking good, really, is it?
Chances of saving his career? 2/10

3. All You Need Is Kill (released 2013)
We're not entirely sure who was advising Cruise when he sat down and chose which movies he'd like to work on over the next couple of years but they are clearly a fan of aliens. Cruise will team up with Emily Blunt on this one (good luck Emily!): apparently, a movie about a soldier (bear with us) sent to destroy some aliens (no, seriously, bear with us.) and, erm, he finds himself caught in a time loop! A time loop! Imagine that! It's not looking good, really, is it?
Chances of saving his career? 2/10

4. Top Gun 2 (release date unknown)
No. We're not kidding. The project has been confirmed. Tony Scott's on board in the director's chair. And Tom Cruise is currently rumored to be returning to the role of Maverick, according to Depending on what happens to Tom's career and reputation over the next couple of years, he may well decide to attach his name to the project in the hope that people will start looking at him through rose-tinted aviators once more and remembering a time before all this Scientology nonsense started.
Chances of saving his career? 8/10

5. Mission Impossible 5 (release date unknown)
As the British comedian Milton Jones joked recently, "would you trust a man who'd been been on three missions that he'd said were impossible.?" Clearly, Milton had forgotten about Mission Impossible 4 and frankly, who could blame him? This is one horse that will continue to get flogged, all the while the money's rolling in. They'll have to do something pretty impressive with it if it's to revive Cruise's reputation, though.
Chances of saving his career? 5/10