Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have started celebrating Christmas early because of their daughter Suri.

The couple were recently in New York where Tom was promoting his latest movie Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and the 49-year-old actor revealed he and Katie took some time out to get into the festive spirit with their "funny and sweet" five-year-old child.

He told "We took Suri to the 'Nutcracker' and went ice skating, it was a great tour. It was really amazing. She's a sweetheart. Everything with her is amazing she's so much fun to be with, and so funny, and sweet."

Meanwhile Tom's co-star Paula Patton admitted she terrified about meeting the Hollywood legend for the first time.

She said: "I had to tell myself not to freak out meeting him, but I immediately felt at ease and there was a great chemistry and connection. I felt comfortable in his presence because he's very human and I love the way he treats everybody. He's really kind, and that's what makes him so special."

Alec Baldwin's brother Stephen also paid tribute to Tom and called himself a huge fan of the star.

He said: "I think there is just a certain je ne sais quoi. It's that magnetism that he has in his presence and his confidence, you know he's an icon you know he's the stuff of legend so I'm just here purely as a fan I'm excited to watch the film."

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