Tom Cruise may be getting divorced, but at least the spare bed he's currently sleeping on is likely to be made of piles and piles of money. That's right, the actor who recently turned 50 and who gained an unwanted early birthday present when his 33 year-old wife of six years Katie Holmes announced she was leaving him, has come out as the highest paid actor of the past 12 months according to the latest Forbes Magazine list.
The magazine says Cruise made an estimated $75 million last year, which is a remarkable turnaround given his career looked to be on the slide a couple of years ago. However he has persevered with the 'Mission Impossible' franchise and it was thanks to the latest in the series taking some $700 million at the box office that he is now back on top of the pile of top earning actors.
Cruise beat out some established faces to the top spot, with Leonardo Dicaprio coming in at second spot someway behind with earnings of $37 million and Adam Sandler surprising everyone by equalling that figure in third spot. Critics, what do they know eh?