Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their respective legal teams are buckling up for a potentially explosive courtroom battle. Though the couple's finances were essentially settled after Katie signed a prenuptial agreement at the start of their marriage, the divorce negotiations are likely to focus on their daughter Suri.
Sources "very familiar" with the situation tell that Katie and her people are making it difficult for Tom to have contact with his daughter. Another insider says Cruise has had "absolutely no contact with Katie" in recent days, and that his people are currently negotiating over when he can speak with his daughter. The source revealed that the Hollywood actor has spoken with his daughter on the phone every day, though has not discussed the breakup of his marriage. As far as when Tom will next see Suri, sources say it's definitely not going to happen for a while. He was reportedly in Los Angeles for the Fourth of July, though will leave this coming weekend to shoot his new movie. It certainly doesn't appear to have been the most amicable divorce so far, and the source reveals things are "really bitter" between Tom and Katie. He feels "betrayed" by his wife blindsiding him and filing for divorce and furthermore thinks she is using Suri as a weapon.
Since news of the divorce emerged last week, Cruise's close affiliation with Scientology has come under scrutiny. News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch suggested that the actor is "second or third" in the overall hierarchy of the religion. A mysterious vehicle was moved on by police officers outside Katie Holmes' apartment building in New York earlier this week.