Tom Cruise has been enjoying curry meals while he works on his latest projects.

The actor dined at Madeo's in West Hollywood on Sunday night (19.08.12), a restaurant favourited by celebrities, powerbrokers and paparazzi.

Two days later, the he could be found eating chicken tikka masala in a curry house in St Albans, London according to reports.

The group also ordered fish and chicken starters, two lobsters, two Lamb dishes, rice, bread.

Staff at the Veer Dhara restaurant in the St Peter's Street eatery were stunned when he turned up with an entourage.

He tried to pay with an American Express card, only to be told they were not accepted.

A member of his entourage stepped in to pay and the group left a generous £79.50 tip on top of the £220.85 bill.

The actor is shooting his latest film, 'All You Need Is Kill', at nearby Leavesden Studios.

Tom loved ones recently urged him to slow down.

Following his split from Katie Holmes in June family and friends are concerned about the 'Mission: Impossible' star, who has been focusing fully on his career since the separation.

A magazine reported: ''Tom's friends and family have urged him to take a break, but he has brushed off their concern.

''He is refusing to slow down and is trying to soldier on. He doesn't seem to be himself. He hasn't been working out like he normally does and doesn't appear to be eating well at all. His clothes just hang off him.''