The director of Tom Cruise's latest movie Rock of Ages has admitted that he took a big risk in making the big screen musical. Adam Shankman may have had success with 2007's Hairspray, starring John Travolta, but he's aware that modern audiences aren't always receptive to the frivolities of the modern musical. The conscientious director told The Hollywood Reporter "I really worry about losing money for people and hurting people's careers, and ('Rock of Ages') was a really big gamble."
He may have been comforted by the enthusiasm that he got from the movie's stars, such as Tom Cruise, who plays Stacee Jaxx but at the back of his mind was lurking that nagging doubt that cinemagoers simply wouldn't take to Rock of Ages because of the genre. "Movies have become so literal," he added. Some people respond better to things that are sort of in quotes. It has to have an element of reality." He added "At a certain point, people lost the ability to ... imagine a realistic story being told through music and dance."
When asked about his biggest concern in translating the stage show for the silver screen, Shankman added "I'm from this era, this was my young adult life, this music was the sound of my life at the time and I wanted to look at it as honestly as possible because the period sort of makes fun of itself in its own way. I wanted to make sure the comedy and emotion were coming from the characters and not from their wigs or costumes."