Rumours are currently circulating that Tom Cruise has a 'great chemistry' with Ukrainian model and 'Oblivion' co-star Olga Kurylenko, according to the New York Post.
The whispers come only days after announcements of the 'Mission: Impossible' star's divorce from Katie Holmes being finalised. Kurylenko, who played a Bond girl in the 2008 film 'Quantum of Solace', stars alongside Cruise as his lover in his new sci-fi action film also starring Morgan Freeman. Sources known to the NY Post reveal that the pair have 'a great deal of chemistry' however a representative of Cruise dismisses the suggestion asserting that 'they are shooting a movie and they are actors - their chemistry on set is them acting. It's their job'. It has also been revealed that Kurylenko is currently in a relationship with Danny Huston who was her co-star in the TV crime drama 'Magic City'. Her representative similarly stated, "Completely not true. She is dating Danny Huston. You are so going down the wrong path".
Holmes filed for divorce last month (June 2012) after over five years of marriage for reasons surrounding her husband's membership of the controversial religious cult of Scientology and her fears about the possible indoctrination of her six year old daughter Suri.