Tom Cruise will star in 'One Shot'.

The actor confirmed today (18.07.11) he will appear in the Christopher McQuarrie-directed thriller, which has been adapted from the 2005 Lee Child novel of the same name.

A post on his official blog said Tom "will play the rugged Jack Reacher in the movie 'One Shot'."

Explaining the plot, the post continued: "Jack travels to Indiana to investigate the murder of five people gunned down by a sniper.

"The police easily track and capture the lone gunman, James Barr, but the seemingly airtight case is anything but when Reacher gets involved."

The film will further cement the relationship Tom has with 'The Usual Suspects' writer Christopher, after he co-wrote The Script to 2008's 'Valkyrie', which he starred in.

He is also co-writer of Tom's next film, 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol', which will see him reprise his role as IMF agent Ethan Hunt and will be released in December.