Tom Cruise went back to work on 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' with a broken ankle.

The 55-year-old actor famously shoots all his stunts himself but was left seriously injured on the set of the action sequel - the sixth film in the franchise - in August 2017 whilst performing a jump between two high-rise buildings in London which resulted in him snapping his ankle.

Cruise returned to the set in January 2018 to continue filming and has now revealed that his leg still wasn't fully healed when he made his comeback as Ethan Hunt.

Appearing on UK TV show 'This Morning', he said: ''Their concern was would I be running within that six months, or ever ... but I had great rehab and was back sprinting in about 11 weeks. It was still broken, but I was able to get all the rest of the scenes done.''

The 'Top Gun' star also acts producer on the 'M:I' franchise and he has joked that he disciplines himself on set.

He quipped: ''I say [to myself], 'Get your ass out and don't break your ankle again you idiot, keep running! Get on there; we've got a movie to release!' ''

Cruise's stunts can be extreme to say the least and he admits that he does sometimes worry he could die when carrying out some of the most daredevil activities for the big screen

The 'Rain Man' star even learned how to fly a helicopter for the new film, but he insists his preparation was second-to-none.

He said: ''I do think that [I could lose my life], yes. But I train really hard so that won't happen. But I make movies for audiences, and I learnt how to fly a helicopter for the movie, I train for about a year and a half beforehand.

''But I've been doing stuff like this since I was a little kid, climbing tall trees and breaking bones!''