Dashing Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' that his 6-year-old daughter Suri was disturbed to see him extravagantly made-up for his role as Stacie Jaxx in the glam rock film musical 'Rock of Ages'.
The 'Mission: Impossible' film series star told the presenter, 'When I had the eyeliner and the painted nails, she was a little taken aback by it. She was like, 'What's happening to my dad?'' He laughs that although Suri is used to seeing her mother Katie Holmes ('Batman Begins', 'Dawson's Creek'), made-up, she is much more accustomed to seeing her father all bloodied up in action flicks. 'Suri comes to my sets and she's got to wear a hard helmet', Cruise says. 'There are explosions going off. Dad is bloody. He's bruised'.
However, Cruise thinks 'it's cool' that, despite her initial reservations, Suri enjoyed the singing when she visited the set and managed to take it all in even when her dad was there in his leather pants and black make-up. The filmstar's role as a womanizing rockstar should've been more shocking to wife Katie, who had to witness scenes of her husband in a three-way romp with two women onscreen. He joked to E! News that he kept a dragon-shaped codpiece as a souvenir from the film which Holmes actually found highly amusing. 'Yeah, I wear it and I keep it. She laughed. It's hilarious'