Tom Cruise has commemorated the 25th anniversary of his role in Risky Business by launching a personal website.

The Top Gun star burst onto the scene with his leading role in the risque comedy in 1983 and has started up as a "thank you" to fans for supporting his career.

"It is almost impossible for me to believe that I am celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of Risky Business, my first starring role in a film," he writes on the website.

"In celebration of this occasion, and my 27 years of making movies, I created this site as a thank you, to you, for sharing the journey with me and to invite you to continue to explore what the future will bring."

The attempt to establish a closer relationship with the viewing public could be viewed as a savvy PR move by Cruise, whose outspoken views about Scientologist have fuelled media criticism.

But in light of his well-received appearance on Oprah Winfrey's talkshow and reports that the actor could be considering starring in a fourth Mission: Impossible film - despite his acrimonious fallout with Paramount Studios in 2006 - it would seem that an image rehabilitation is under way.

"My hope with this site is to bring you in and share with you the fun I experience every day during the filmmaking process, from working on the script, to the making of the film, through to what we finally see when we settle into our seats and the lights go down," he adds.

08/05/2008 10:44:37