Tom Cruise 's lawyer Bert Fields is threatening to sue the U.S. publication the 'National Enquirer' over a cover story that branded the actor "a monster". Bert Fields said the article about Cruise's split from wife Katie Holmes contained "false and vicious lies", according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Much has been written about the couple's doomed marriage in recent weeks, though Cruise and Fields don't appear to be letting this one slide. The lawyer said the comments would cause the actor "hundreds of millions of dollars of professional and personal damages". He added that the National Enquirer's disparaging description of Cruise's character concerning his alleged treatment of Holmes and his daughter was a "scurrilous attack" on his client. In a letter to the glossy tabloid magazine, he wrote, "Please consider this a demand that you immediately retract each and every one of your false assertions about Mr Cruise with the same prominence and emphasis as you gave your original false and defamatory assertions". The Hollywood A-list couple have been the subject of headlines around the world since the actress filed for divorce last month, eventually being granted sole custody of their 6-year-old daughter Suri. Earlier this week, the couple agreed to a divorce settlement, though the details were not made public. The couple married in an Italian castle in November 2006.
Of course, it's not the first time that the National Enquirer has faced the threat of legal action. Actresses Carol Burnett, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have all had legal issues with the magazine in the past.