Tom Cruise was every bit the doting dad whilst he spent time with his estranged daughter, Suri, at Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World, Florida.
The two made a big splash as they frolicked with each other in the pool and down the white-water rapid slides in the park, and pretty much blended in almost seamlessly with the rest of the happy families. The 50-year-old Mission Impossible star and 6 year-old Suri looked to be having a whale of a time, with Tom continuing to make sure he showers Suri with all attention he can, with what little time he has with her.
The cute twosome splashed about in the surf pool, before hitting the slides, and all day the actor seemed in extremely good spirits. He chatted to fans and shook hands as though he had no worries in the world, hard to believe that he has just split up with Katie Holmes after 6 years of marriage.
According to reports from people at the park, Tom had great banter with people who recognised him and seemed in genuinely good spirits. Speaking to the Daily Mail, one water park-goer said that, after engaging in conversation with him and wishing him "good luck with everything... He gripped my hand firmly, looked straight into my eyes and said "thank you so very much"."