It probably could've been predicted, but now sources seem to be confirming it: scientology was reportedly the main reason behind the split of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tmz is reporting that the final straw in a marriage that many viewed as strange from the outset - due to the 16 year age difference between them, not to mention the swiftness in which they started seeing each other in the first place following Holmes' split from Chris Klein - came when discussing whether their six year-old daughter should be inducted into the religion.
Holmes and Cruise had reportedly been arguing over whether to send Suri away to a hardcore organization called Sea Org - a location that's been likened to a military-style boot-camp by some, in which children as young as five go to live without their parents to learn about scientology. The official website for the faith says that its members sign "a one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion and it is still signed by all members today."
Cruise was keen on the idea, Holmes less so and, according to the reports, viewed that the only way she could prevent Suri from being sent to such a set up was by divorcing the 49 year old actor and applying for sole legal custody.