In shocking relationship news, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, dubbed by some less imaginative members of the press as TomKat, have reportedly got divorced after just five years of marriage! People magazine first reported the story, with an attorney for the couple giving no details away other than the news of their split in a statement that said "This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."
Eyebrows were raised when the couple were married in 2006, with a 16 year age difference between them. The pair had begun dating just weeks after Holmes had split from Chris Klein the actor, whom she was once engaged to. Cruise meanwhile hadn't been long out of a high profile marriage to Nicole Kidman - his second marriage. Added to the fact that Cruise is perhaps the most famous scientologist alive and the match seemed even odder with Holmes making no previous claim to be one herself. Nevertheless, the pair settled down with ease, and had a child together - now 6 year-old Suri.
Whilst it is expected that the reasons for the divorce will eventually come out in the wash, for now there is mere speculation; going on previous history alone, with Cruise now having lost his third marriage - you wonder if it might've been he who'd initiated the break up?