Tom Cruise, Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among a long list of stars taking part in a huge fundraising effort on behalf of the AFGHANISTAN WORLD FOUNDATION.

The stars - who have been joined by Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore, Helen Hunt, Celine Dion, Warren Beatty, Jessica Lange, Charlize Theron, BENICIO DEL TORO, Penelope Cruz, Bill Clinton, Rod Stewart, Natalie Cole and MUHAMMAD ALI - have written about what freedom means to them for the foundation.

Their writings will be included with one-of-a-kind AUDEMARS PIGUET watches bearing their engraved signatures to be auctioned off at a gala being held on 2 December (03) at Los Angeles' ST REGIS HOTEL - with Cole and Stevie Wonder performing.

Event organiser SONIA COLE says, "I hope everyone who contributed a watch will come - and many more. We've had so much celebrity support - and it crosses political lines."

Sonia will return to Afghanistan to deliver funds raised at the event and make a documentary, which, she says, Del Toro has already offered to narrate.

08/10/2003 22:07