Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' upcoming marriage is doomed, according to top psychic KENNY KINGSTON - but the actress could already be pregnant with the couple's second child together. Kingston, who counts Marilyn Monroe among his spirit world guides, claims the couple have picked a very lucky date for their Italian nuptials (18NOV06) - but that won't help them stay together. The Hollywood-based psychic insists the spirit world is displeased about the union. He says, "November 18 is a very special date because the one and the eight adds up to nine and, in the spirit world, that means the end of a problem, but the spirits do not approve of Tom Cruise or this marriage. "Like many mortals, the spirits think this marriage is unusual and it's doomed from the start. "The spirits tell me that, if it all goes ahead, it will be a very short-lived marriage. They are very displeased with this whole union and they don't like the fact the couple's child was born out of wedlock. "They're all for lovechildren because the spirit world plans them, but this is not a lovechild." Kingston insists the spirits see something else as well: "Unfortunately, it appears Katie could be pregnant again as we speak. The spirits seem to think she's with child."