Tom Cruise "excels" at sex.

The 'Wichita' actor made the admission when he was asked about his performance during an appearance on a US talk show alongside his co-star Cameron Diaz.

Host Jay Leno asked: "I know you're a pilot, what are you better at - flying or sex?"

Clearly embarrassed by the question, Tom began squirming in his seat before joking: "You know what, I don't know. Having sex with me is like flying, Jay. I try to excel in all areas and I've never been asked for a refund, so I don't know."

Tom was equally as mortified when Jay quizzed him on his weekend habits.

Asked if he ever visited strip clubs, Tom went bright red and replied: "Actually I never have been, ever. Sorry to disappoint you."

Sensing his embarrassment, Cameron tried to calm the situation down, adding: "It's kind of hard to be Tom Cruise and go to a strip club, you guys seriously!"

Tom responded: "I swear, if I went I would say, 'Yeah Jay, of course I went.' "