Katie Holmes was never the first choice to be Tom Cruise 's wife. According to a revealing new study in Vanity Fair, correspondent Maureen Orth has reported that the Church of Scientology once held a series of auditions for female Scientologists, who thought they were auditioning for a new training film. However, once they were there, they were asked a series of leading questions such as "what do you think of Tom Cruise?"
Orth reveals that an Iranian-born and London-raised Scientologist, Nazanin Boniadi was selected to date Tom Cruise and did so between November 2004 and January 2005. "Boniadi allegedly was told to lose her braces, her red highlights, and her boyfriend". According to a knowledgeable source, she was shown confidential auditing files of her boyfriend to expedite a breakup, Vanity Fair explained. In the article, Boniadi tells Orth that she first sensed that an arranged marriage may be on the cards when she flew to New York in 2004. An entourage of Scientologists accompanied Cruise and his approved-girlfriend on their date at Nobu. Things started to turn sour between Nazanin and Tom when he became disgruntled at her lack of public affection, reportedly telling her "I get more love from an extra than I get from you."
Boniadi eventually broke her oath of silence and told a friend about the relationship. Her friend reported her, and she was punished. She and her mother are no longer involved in Scientology; it looks as though she may have had the lucky escape that came too late to Katie Holmes