Despite the Chicago Tribune giving 'Rock of Ages' a thumbs-up last week, as the reviews start to trickle in, things aren't looking so rosy for the Tom Cruise led rock musical parody. Rock of Ages has been adapted from a stage musical and stars Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta Jones and Diego Boneta and, writing for the Tribune, Liz Smith was impressed with the comic musical, though she advised viewers to remember that it's all just for fun.
Justin Chang, writing for Variety, said that "Given the proliferation of high-school musicals and American idols on TV, the spectacle of aspiring young singers belting out an umpteenth cover of Journey offers little in the way of novelty value." Similarly, the Hollywood Reporter's review is damning, placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of director Adam Shankman. "Nobody gets clobbered in the New Line movie, but perhaps director Adam Shankman should," writes David Rooney. "He succeeds in draining most of the fun from a vehicle that was all about the winking humor of its flagrant cheesiness."
All may not yet be lost for Rock of Ages - and no doubt the all-star cast will be a big enough draw in itself - but with the heavyweight movie publications such as Variety coming out first to slate the movie, it certainly doesn't bode well.