Los Angeles police have officially closed a trespassing case against an Australian man who was found drunkenly trying to gain access to Tom Cruise's property after the actor declined to press charges.

Model and reality Tv star Jason Sullivan stumbled onto the grounds of Cruise's home last month (Oct12) after mistaking it for that of Hollywood agent Kevin Huvane's house next door, where he had been staying.

Sullivan was tasered by a member of Cruise's security team as he waited for cops to arrive and arrest him.

He was cited for misdemeanour trespassing and released, but the Hollywood star refused to take the matter further after Sullivan protested his innocence and insisted it had simply been a boozy mistake.

At the time, Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields said, "Tom's not a vindictive guy. The guy was drunk. He didn't have a malicious intent."

Now authorities have decided to let the case lie and have officially let Sullivan off the hook, according to Tmz.com.