Sometimes when you're after the scoop you can find yourself asking some pretty far-fetched questions in the hope that the answer might have something newsworthy with it. However even the mighty Tmz might be wondering whether one of their reporters on the ground had chosen a pretty tenuous angle to explain the breakdown of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' marriage after he found himself laughed out by Oprah Winfrey in Washington DC.
The line of thinking by the reporter as he approached the legendary chat show host was that an incident involving Cruise on her show, in which he famously jumped up and down on her couch to show how head over heels he was with Holmes - at that point his girlfriend of a month - had affected his marriage. Guess what she thought? No, of course. She wasn't done there though, looking incredulous and shouting "what a ridiculous question!" and desperately trying not to crack up with laughter.
The reporter desperately tried to get another question in but it was too late, Winfrey turned to her good pal Gayle King to repeat the question, causing equal levels of bafflement. The poor lad tried to get another question in but was told by the network owner "you lose!" Better luck next time guys.