Newlyweds Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have left residents and officials of Bracciano, Italy, unimpressed, after they refused to publicly thank the town for the chaos their wedding had caused. The town government was forced to draft in extra police and rent public toilets to cope with the huge influx of visitors and media ahead of the actors' wedding at the town's Castello Odescalchi on Saturday (18NOV06). Bracciano mayor PATRIZIA RICCIONI originally said she planned to give the couple honorary citizenship of the town, but has changed her mind after the pair avoided the media and locals. Riccioni says, "Honorary citizenship? They do not deserve it. "A whole town has sacrificed itself for them, volunteers worked all day, traffic was closed off.. They (Bracciano residents) put up with all the inconveniences very patiently. It would have been nice if the couple had showed themselves to the public even for a brief moment - maybe at a window or from a balcony. "I have nothing against the couple to who I am very grateful for all the international publicity."