LATEST: Studio bosses on Tom Cruise's troubled World War II movie VALKYRIE have offered a dozen extras who were injured on-set a settlement.
The film, which has been pushed back twice, was hit by a legal row, with 12 actors claiming they were thrown from a moving vehicle while filming a scene for the film.
The extras received minor injuries in the incident, with one being hospitalised due to serious injuries.
The injured parties were seeking $11 million (GBP5.5 million) in compensation from Cruise's United Artists production company.
And despite the studio offering the extras a settlement, a representative for the movie claims they have not "reacted" to the offer.
Charles Woebcken, president and chief executive of Studio Babelsberg AG, which co-produced the film with United Artists, says, ""We have offered a settlement. But they haven't even reacted."
And Woebcken slammed the extras for not coming to him first, stating leaking the story to the media was a publicity stunt.
He adds, "In America, these things happen. You have a different system in Germany. If you lose an arm, it's not worth a million dollars.