Tom Cruise is hoping to get his acting career back on track with a new film inspired by the popular Hardy Boys novels.

Cruise was last year ditched by Paramount after his increasingly bizarre public behaviour.

With his Hollywood wedding to Katie Holmes out of the way, The Cruiser is in desperate need of a hit to get him back among the box office Top Guns.

According to media reports, the 44-year-old is in talks about starring alongside Ben Stiller in The Hardy Men.

The movie will see Stiller and Cruise taking on the roles of the teenage super-sleuths.

Now grown men, Frank and Joe Hardy have drifted apart, but are reunited to solve one last case.

It seems to have all the right ingredients for a comeback for Cruise, as everything Stiller touches seems to turn to gold.

Shawn Levy, who directed the former Saturday Night Live star in the hugely successful Night at the Museum, is also said to be on board.

Cruise's last big film was Paramount's Mission: Impossible III, which failed to live up to the previous two instalments.

He is currently filming the war movie Lions for Lambs alongside Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.

There is as yet no date for The Hardy Men to go into production and 20th Century Fox is still looking for someone to write the screenplay.

14/02/2007 11:35:49