Tom Cruise has been given a new musical boost - an aspiring electronic star has adopted his name for a new space-age project.
New Jersey designer/musician Seth Haley is hoping to hit the world's dancefloor charts as Com Truise, a robotic astronaut who performs music inspired in part by the movie star's films Risky Business and Top Gun.
And it won't be long before he's on Cruise's radar - his debut album, Galactic Melt, is gaining rave reviews.
Haley's manager Matt Cutler only hopes the film star doesn't object to the link.
He tells WENN, "We haven't had any kind of response from Tom Cruise or his people and, to be honest, I don't think he has a strong case against us using Com Truise. That said, I still cringe every time I see a tweet linking Truise to Tom Cruise.
"The music is not offensive in any way but if we have to change the name in the future, then we'll have to change the name."
Truise, who is billed as "the world's first synthetic/robotic astronaut... who becomes one with his newfound cosmos, like Pinocchio becoming a real boy," is set to tour North America later this month (Aug11).
The trek begins at Solar Culture in Arizona on 30 April (11).