Tom Cruise's fledgling career as a movie studio boss has taken another hit - his real-life German war drama VALKYRIE has been bumped from a summer 2008 release. Cruise and his United Artists partners were hoping to have the film ready for a 4 July release, but it now appears there's a battle scene still to be shot, and so the movie will now hit cinemas at the end of 2008. According to Daily Variety, director Bryan Singer was hoping to shoot the scene this year (07), but has yet to settle on a location. In the film, Cruise plays a Nazi officer who is part of a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Cruise and longtime partner Paula Wagner have reportedly told Singer to take as much time as he needs to shoot the pivotal scene. The director now hopes to complete the film in February (08). The delay comes just a month after Wagner declared the new UA's first release, Lions For Lambs, had "under-performed" at the box-office. The political drama, starring Cruise and Meryl Streep and directed by Robert Redford, failed to win an audience when it opened in America last month (Nov07).