Tom Cruise was so excited when he first purchased a sonogram to see his unborn baby with fiancee Katie Holmes, he admits they used the ultrasound machine "a lot". The MAGNOLIA star, 43, and former DAWSON'S CREEK beauty, 27, announced the actress' pregnancy in October (05) - only five months after they began dating. Holmes is due to go into labour any day now. Cruise horrified medical experts when he revealed in November (05) that he had bought a $200,000 (GBP114,000) ultrasound machine to watch the growing foetus. Paediatrician claimed Cruise could put his child at risk by performing the sonograms, which you are required to have a license for in his resident state of California. In an interview with America's GQ magazine, Cruise explains, "I'm a film-maker - I need to see the rushes. "At first we did it a lot. I don't know how many times, but I did not exceed FDA (Food + Drug Administration) regulations." Doctor Carol M Rumack, of the American College of Radiology (ACR), says, "This is a patient safety issue. Untrained people, even if they have the financial means, should not buy, or be allowed to buy and operate, ultrasound machines which are, in fact, medical devices and should not be used without a medical indication. "The ACR is concerned that Tom Cruise has been badly advised regarding the use and potential abuse of ultrasound."