Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is amazed his love for fiancee Katie Holmes has become even deeper since she gave birth to their daughter SURI last week (18APR06). Only a month after he began dating the former DAWSON'S CREEK beauty, Cruise began making public declarations of his love for Holmes, saying, "I want to share my life with this woman, this woman is exceptional, she's special, she's extraordinary and I have great respect for her." Last May (05), Cruise's emotions for the actress were so strong, he leaped onto Oprah Winfrey's chat show sofa and pummelled the ground with his fists, shouting, "I can't be cool... I can't be laid back. It's something that has happened and I feel I want to celebrate it and I wanna celebrate her. She's a very special woman." Cruise didn't believe it was possible to love Holmes any more - until he witnessed her giving birth to Suri in a Los Angeles hospital last week. He says, "I look at Kate and my admiration and love and respect for her, although I didn't think it could get any more, it became more. It was very beautiful."