Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise rushed to be with girlfriend Penelope Cruz after she collapsed while filming in Morocco.

According to British newspaper the DAILY STAR, Cruz is suffering exhaustion from intense desert heat and violent sandstorms on the set of new movie SAHARA. Her fears for her father EDUARDO, who is recovering from a heart attack, are also thought to have taken their toll on the actress.

Cruise was so concerned about his belle he jetted straight to the shoot location.

He has already visited the set once during the gruelling shoot, to try and help Cruz relax.

A source tells the Daily Star, "The conditions on set are incredibly tough and can bring even the sturdiest of people to their knees.

"Penelope has been a total professional, but has found it tough going because of the extreme conditions and her worry about her sick father."

The actress is expected to make the most of the break from shooting, by resting and visiting her family in Madrid, Spain.

11/03/2004 02:36