The mayor of the town where Tom Cruise will marry Katie Holmes on Saturday (18NOV06) is cashing in on the couple's nuptials by charging the media 1,000 euros ($1,280/GBP711) to cover the event. TV crews and photographers will have to pay for the privilege to set up equipment outside the Castello Odescalchi in Bracciano - just north of the capital Rome. Mayor PATRICK RICCIONI explains, "We have not deep of budget (sic) for occasions like this. "It's not fair that the citizens of the Commune of Brace are forced to carry the economical weight of the event on their shoulders and therefore I have approved the action for a small contribution from the TV companies to upkeep the town." The town has expanded its police force, rented public toilets and repaired cobblestones in preparation for the arrival of the world's media.