Hollywood star Tom Cruise's extravagant plans for the long-awaited MISSION Impossible III film are reportedly causing problems for Paramount Studios, who fear the budget will spiral out on control.

The actor is producing and reprising his role as agent ETHAN HUNT in the sequel to 2000 hit MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II, which is scheduled to begin filming in June 2005.

According to American network E!'s gossip columnist Roger Friedman, Paramount are concerned because no script exists for the movie.

Friedman explains, "The rest of it is in Tom's head."

In July (04), NARC film-maker Joe Carnahan quit the project citing "creative differences", and was replaced by first-time movie director JJ ABRAMS, whose previous credits include directing episodes of TV drama ALIAS.

Despite decided locations in Germany, Belgium, Ghana, Canada and the US, Paramount is reportedly getting increasingly nervous over Cruise's plans to film in 15 countries, raising the budget to $234 million (GBP130 million).

Friedman says, "I am told that Cruise actually assembled a trailer for it, including credits, voice overs and clips that he screened for friends as a way to bolster his ego. Trailers are made after a film is completed, not before it's even been shot."

18/11/2004 14:15