Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has refused to wade into the political war in America - by opting to keep his voting preferences secret.

The COLLATERAL star - who is a devoted Scientologist - says he has no intention of joining politically vocal celebrities Ben Affleck, Jon Bon Jovi and Susan Sarandon by voicing his opinions in public. And fears if he did, politicians would use his comments to further their campaigns.

He says, "Politics is something that is very personal to me.

"I am not going to comment publicly (about) who I'm going to vote for. ... I don't want what I say to become a political football."

However, Cruise has nothing but respect for famous friends who do air their views.

He adds, "It's their right to do that and I respect that.

"But I do believe and I encourage people to go out and study the issues, get beyond the propaganda."

18/08/2004 17:03